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So many Reiki people…

…and all of them coming to a wonderful Enneagram class over the weekend of 9-11 September! The splendid Gordon Melvin is taking the class, and as one of my embryo books is concerned with the Enneagram I shall be there with ears and eyes wide open. A really interesting connection seems to have developed between Reiki people and the Enneagram over a period of years; for myself, it has been key to the Aspect of self-development/personal growth – one of the four Aspects of the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho. Despite the human tendency to want to compartmentalize people and relentlessly pop them into limiting boxes based on our (frequently erroneous) perceptions, the wisdom inherent in this enquiry into consciousness can offer a depth and breadth of understanding of the psyche unparalleled by many systems of thought.

Talk about light-bulb moments: that exquisite relief on ‘seeing’ and then coming to an understanding of previously inexplicable behaviours in ourselves and others; then being shown more helpful, healthful ways of relating to ourselves, others and the ‘outside’ world.

With roots in Sufi practice, there was, I believe, a clear cross fertilisation with Kabbalistic theory (and practice). Undoubtedly, the Enneagram provides a powerful model from which to explore our humaness – and our spirituality – in an accessible way. Hmmm. More on this later – maybe in the book? (Ha-ha!!!)

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