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Reiki classes – in the old fashioned way

I’ve been so lucky in my Reiki teaching life: I’ve always had the best organisers on the planet. And now, alongside of Bev, Dee, Sonia, Chris and Gordon, stands the amazing Nicky, who is giving her love, care and energy to our next class at her home in Barford.

I’m offering a talk before the class begins so that anybody at all can come along and get a feel for what Reiki is all about without having to commit to this particular class. This is how it was always done in ‘the old days’, and it’s a great way to engage in the oral, story-telling tradition from which the teaching and practice of Reiki was born. If you’re interested, call Nicky and come along to her place at the beginning of March – you don’t have to commit to this particular class if you don’t want to; you can just enjoy a cracking good yarn – the Reiki Story – in front of a crackling fire. Hope to see you there!

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