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Forever Aloe Vera, the Medicine Plant

Today I opened my online Forever Living aloe vera shop, and very excited I am, too!

This means that, as one of my customers, if you’ve forgotten something or want to order just one or two items yourself, you can just pop onto my website, www.sallypickard.myforever.biz/shop and order directly. Postage will be dependent upon size and quantity of the items ordered (so it won’t cost much if you need to replace your Aloe Lips!) and you don’t have to remember any complicated ID numbers or anything. Simples!

I’d miss talking to you, so I’ll be calling you for your orders as usual, but I almost can’t wait for someone to try it out… Maybe I’ll just order something from my very own shop. Tee-hee!

I shall ask my good friend to help me get the website link on the left here where you can just click on it, but for now, all you have to remember is to type www.sallypickard.myforever.biz/shop into your browser, and you’re away!


Andy! Andy! Andy!

Excitement is building, can you feel it? Even if the annual Wimbledon fortnight fest normally leaves you wanting to sprinkle salt on everyone’s strawberries, this is the year when nearly everyone I meet is saying, “This is it! This could be the year!”

We’re rooting for you, Andy!

Hooray – it’s holiday time!

Car packed, plants watered, bins emptied, and ready for off! Where? Well, who knows. Up North first to meet with my pals, then…

We thought the Lakes, but traffic jams with a monsoon beating the cars to pulp? Hmmm. Not good. Maybe a lastminute.com to the Costa del Summat?

We’ll let you know!

Pages up – at last!

Goodness, it’s only taken me – how long, exactly? About two years, I think! But thanks to the designerly (new word) eye of one Michael Bott from http://michaelbott.net, and the SEO skills of Mike Seddon at www.kksmarts.com and Sarah Gorev at http://socialmediaspice.co.uk I have finally got there. Well, nearly – shall I create a page for the fabulous band I sing with?? Why, I think SO…

In the meantime there’s pages on Reiki, Mentoring, Unsticking Stuckness (it’s an unconventional form of counselling) Therapeutic Tarot. And now?

‘Scuse me while I get my page-writing fingers busy again!


Last Kiss

I’ve been knocked down, stood up, all in the name of goodbye;
And I don’t mind stealing the last kiss before I die.
Just sayin’…


An afternoon of Bluestone music, ahhh

So good to get together with the brilliant Michael Bott and do some toons again. Been a long time, but looks like our brand new band, Bluestone, is about to take shape and form. So, see me waving my arms muppet-like above my head and shouting, “Yeeeeeah!”

I so love…

doing my work!

There is such joy in making profound connections with people, and that’s what my work is all about, whether it be giving Reiki treatments and teaching students or offering Therapeutic Tarot consults – which is how my time has been spent this morning. Thank you to those who have trusted in themselves sufficiently to share a really deep process that changes both our lives.


Marketing: Oo-er, Mrs!

Goodness: marketing, eh? Erm…

So, we self-employed people, how do we get people to know we’re here? Our hearts are open, full of desire to make a difference in the world, replete with skills and experience and, and – a COMPLETE block on picking our way through the ever-growing forests of marketing tools, social networks (which are so much more than social) and, and, and GOOGLE.

I can’t begin to measure the thickness of the ice around my brain when anyone even whispers that dreaded word. And when they shout it, cheerfully and in capitals – “What you want is GOOGLE ads, GOOGLE stats, GOOGLE earth/maps/this/that” the ice is too thick for my tears of despair to melt by even one mm. An mm is, I am told, a milimeter, probably with two ells.

So, what a jolly good job that there are those wonderful men and women out there, also self-employed, who are not just on shaking hands terms with G****E, but who are intimate bed-fellows with that rascal. Now all I have to do, and you too if you are a marketing-phobe like me, is find the right angel near you.

Firstly, let me point you to the excellent 4Networking organisation, which will undoubtedly have a group near you. If you join this jolly crew you’ll not only find the techy and marketing local experts you need; you’ll be able to drop into a group meeting anywhere in the UK, get a damned fine breakfast, and do your own marketing by just being yourself and making friends. It can become a source of support and encouragement, and the network is built entirely on the 4 principles of ‘Meet, like, know, trust.’ So, that’s http://www.4networking.biz

Secondly, I’d like to introduce you to Mike Seddon at KK Smarts, web address www.KKsmarts.com who will help you take the pain out of marketing by educating you in ways that even a muppet will appreciate (sorry, Ms Piggy)! Also, there’s the delightful Sara Gorev of Social Media Spice at – wait for it – www.socialmediaspice.co.uk – she probably knows everything there is to know about Facebook. These two companies are Warwickshire based, but 4N will undoubtedly present the expert you need near you.

And now I am going to unfreeze my brain with a good bit of Reiki – and talk to Mike and Sarah!

Marketing? A DODDLE, GOOGLE !


Reiki classes – in the old fashioned way

I’ve been so lucky in my Reiki teaching life: I’ve always had the best organisers on the planet. And now, alongside of Bev, Dee, Sonia, Chris and Gordon, stands the amazing Nicky, who is giving her love, care and energy to our next class at her home in Barford.

I’m offering a talk before the class begins so that anybody at all can come along and get a feel for what Reiki is all about without having to commit to this particular class. This is how it was always done in ‘the old days’, and it’s a great way to engage in the oral, story-telling tradition from which the teaching and practice of Reiki was born. If you’re interested, call Nicky and come along to her place at the beginning of March – you don’t have to commit to this particular class if you don’t want to; you can just enjoy a cracking good yarn – the Reiki Story – in front of a crackling fire. Hope to see you there!

Reiki talk and another fab First Degree Class in Barford!

Reiki Talk followed by First Degree class, 1-4 March, Barford. Contact Nicky on 07760 452 909.