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Vitamin D – Yes, I think so!

My great friend and Reiki student, Judith Townshend, is not only a cracking therapist, but is also pretty hot on nutrition.

Has it been raining? Hmmm. I think it has! Well, Judy reminded me that I needed to top up my Vitamin D levels (even though I am going to Arizona in a minute) BUT – I won’t tell you about it: I’ll let her tell you about it. Here she is – check her out!


Arizona, Here I Come!

I know, it’s California in the song, but I reckon Arizona is only some miles (!) further down on the left-ish, and the excitement that accompanies the original song is beginning to burst through into my daily thoughts.

Apart from the fact that it’s 85 degrees and counting in the desert sunshine – which has got to be something to be excited about after such a wet winter here – the stars will be bursting through unlit, black night skies, there will be silence but for eagle cries and desert sounds and – singing!

I will be with a wonderful community of Reiki masters from all over the world, and apart from the joy and beauty of practicing Reiki every day, sitting in circle with Phyllis Lei Furumoto who is the Lineage Bearer of our form and an extraordinary man called Ben Haggard, who will be helping us to ‘think’ deeply outside of our every day thought boxes, there will undoubtedly be singing. And maybe dancing.

So, imagine me sitting and playing with people from all walks of life, from all countries with beautifully different cultures and languages, living and working with our common language – Reiki – and wonder, as I do, what I will be bringing home to share with my family, friends and community. I know it will be something big yet gentle. And whatever ‘it’ is, I so look forward to sharing it. As David Essex used to say (he did, really) “See you on the other side!”


First Degree in Usui Shiki Ryoho – What is that, I hear you ask!

Stolen from my ‘Reikisally’ website, here’s a little description of that first step forward on the Reiki path on the system called The Usui Shiki Ryoho.

In a First Degree class, which I teach over four consecutive days (in one three-hour session per day) you’ll be initiated into the Reiki energy, learn about its history, receive a sequence of hand positions for treating yourself and others, and consider ways in which to use Reiki in your life. The initiations occur in four ceremonial acts shared between myself and each student in the class, one each day, and there is plenty of time available in which you can begin practicing Reiki on yourself and the other students in a caring and supportive environment. All you need bring to a Reiki class is your desire to learn and the willingness to practice Reiki in your every-day life, and – your hands! The form of Reiki known as Usui Shiki Ryoho, also called the Usui System of Natural Reiki Healing, is an oral tradition learned through the sharing of story and practice, so you won’t need notebooks!

Reiki at First Degree in Warwick

Here’s the first Reiki window of opportunity – check it out on that left-hand sidebar!

Windows of Possibility – open one and fly!

Each Reiki Share organised arises from the one preceding it, but planning the formal Reiki classes for the coming year is a lovely thing –  the setting into life’s structure 4 happy windows of Reiki delight.

The sun comes in, lighting my life as a Master in the system I teach and practice, and lighting up a path ahead for the students who step into the mysterious and beautiful flow that is a life lived with Reiki. Of course there will be informal classes popping up throughout 2014, but for now – the Reiki windows of possibility gaze upon the coming season until it’s time for them to fly open and bring the world of many to a world of one. Maybe I’ll see you there…

First Degree Reiki, class a-coming soon!

I just love how, when the moment is perfect, a Reiki class suddenly ‘happens’,  coalescing into a happy bubble enfolding the four days that will become one of the most important beginnings for that particular little group. October is going to be a VERY special month.

Reiki and Dancing

Just spent a wonderful weekend on the Norfolk Coast at a dancing weekender (if you’re interested, check out http://www.jiveaddiction.com/cms/ AND – discovered word had spread about my little hot Reiki hands! It was a delight giving Reiki (informally) to hurty dancers.

Can it be?

Can it really be FOUR MONTHS since I was looking at the snowdrops from a chilly window and dreaming of Spring?

And now summer is upon us, filled with sunshine and sultry jasmine perfume; the leaves of the Acers nod, twitching in the warm breeze like rabbits’ ears, veined, the sun filtering through their delicate structures; the rose buds are pinking up, the electric Johnson’s Blues are cascading over the borders, and – it’s time to go.

It’s time to trawl the web, make the calls, tramp around the flats, houses, cottages. Does it have a garden? Will there be a fire? A space for the family to camp out when they come? Room for that Reiki table? Is it light and airy? Is it close to the station? Will there be somewhere to park? And last but not least – what’s the rent?? Phew! Well, it will be what it will be, an exciting new adventure and another opportunity to begin afresh.

Yes, it can and shall be.


Snowdrop Saturday

The heart of Spring is beating beneath our feet, and despite a snow drop (!) the delicate, pale green and white harbingers of life to come have pushed their way through the spent leaves and frosted soil. They dimple and nod, inviting me to lift my heart on the coldest and greyest of days, reminding me that winter is short – a time for sloughing off old and worn out memories and for the falling away of hurts and beliefs that cannot serve, will never serve; for the slow inexorable growth creeping through the dark places into the light. Every year it is so. Every day can be so – an opportunity to embrace a fresh spring. Tomorrow I will celebrate Snowdrop Saturday and, somewhere, I will be dancing under the stars amongst the snowdrops.

Reiki at First Degree, 8-11 November in Warwick

I’m delighted to be teaching a First Degree Reiki class locally in Warwick, so if a gentle call has been tickling your delicate shell-likes please get in touch to find out more, and if it’s your time to take the plunge, I’m sure we can squish you in. If you need to know more about the style I teach and practise you’ll find what you need at reikisally.com.