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Nights drawing in and drawing out – nights of Reiki at the First Degree

Unbelievably, it has been five months since I was enjoying the wind heralding the beginning of Autumn; now the wind is chasing crispy leaves across the dark earth, clattering branches one against another like skeletons amongst the empty trees, and I am drinking tea while the light gives way to a wild darkness. Already the bulbs are joyfully bursting through damp soil, snowdrops gathering their starry clusters ready to shine smiling green eyes beneath their drooping creamy lids.


And here I am, dreaming another Reiki class into being, with students waiting and preparing for the healing power of Reiki to flow through their hands and bring them the miracle of their own growth, their own flowering into a fresh Spring.


To the returning of the light – a sigh and a deep bow.




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