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Marketing: Oo-er, Mrs!

Goodness: marketing, eh? Erm…

So, we self-employed people, how do we get people to know we’re here? Our hearts are open, full of desire to make a difference in the world, replete with skills and experience and, and – a COMPLETE block on picking our way through the ever-growing forests of marketing tools, social networks (which are so much more than social) and, and, and GOOGLE.

I can’t begin to measure the thickness of the ice around my brain when anyone even whispers that dreaded word. And when they shout it, cheerfully and in capitals – “What you want is GOOGLE ads, GOOGLE stats, GOOGLE earth/maps/this/that” the ice is too thick for my tears of despair to melt by even one mm. An mm is, I am told, a milimeter, probably with two ells.

So, what a jolly good job that there are those wonderful men and women out there, also self-employed, who are not just on shaking hands terms with G****E, but who are intimate bed-fellows with that rascal. Now all I have to do, and you too if you are a marketing-phobe like me, is find the right angel near you.

Firstly, let me point you to the excellent 4Networking organisation, which will undoubtedly have a group near you. If you join this jolly crew you’ll not only find the techy and marketing local experts you need; you’ll be able to drop into a group meeting anywhere in the UK, get a damned fine breakfast, and do your own marketing by just being yourself and making friends. It can become a source of support and encouragement, and the network is built entirely on the 4 principles of ‘Meet, like, know, trust.’ So, that’s http://www.4networking.biz

Secondly, I’d like to introduce you to Mike Seddon at KK Smarts, web address www.KKsmarts.com who will help you take the pain out of marketing by educating you in ways that even a muppet will appreciate (sorry, Ms Piggy)! Also, there’s the delightful Sara Gorev of Social Media Spice at – wait for it – www.socialmediaspice.co.uk – she probably knows everything there is to know about Facebook. These two companies are Warwickshire based, but 4N will undoubtedly present the expert you need near you.

And now I am going to unfreeze my brain with a good bit of Reiki – and talk to Mike and Sarah!

Marketing? A DODDLE, GOOGLE !


1 comment to Marketing: Oo-er, Mrs!

  • Great article, Sally.

    I completely agree, 4N is a fantastic place to find helpful, friendly and generous people from all sorts of businesses. I go to 4N Rugby and love it.

    Thanks for mentioning me. Making the internet work for you can all seem more complicated than it needs to be. I love sitting down with people to unscramble it all and help them understand the relevant bits :)

    I look forward to reading more of your posts. x

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