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I’m a Road Runner, Baby….

Reiki at Kenyon Ranch, Tubac, Tucson, Arizona

I could never express in any succinct form the wild beauty of this place. Dry, yes, but also green, the land grows tender shoots, cultivated carefully by the gardeners at the Ranch. They have even made a rose garden! The mountains are redolent of the Wild West, and there are four different ranges circling Tucson.

So far, one of my friends here has seen a real, live road runner, with plumed tail and all, and we are looking out for the coyotes and the wild boar which are called Javelina, (pronounced Havelina). They’re fierce and to be avoided, but they seem attracted to Reiki Home yet keep a respectful distance.

There is too much food, all of it delicious, so I will be returning looking like a small pillar box, but I expect I’ll be dancing it off soon enough!

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