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Happiness is –

… the prospect of a Reiki share!

One of the most beautiful benefits from having received Reiki training is the regular sharing groups. So, it’s all about cake. No, really – although we do usually exchange our treatments before settling for a cuppa and a ‘Little Something’ (as Pooh would call it).

I mean, can you imagine? You’ve been treating yourself every day, but now it’s time to lie down on a table cuddled up in a blanket, and maybe two or more people will gently place their hot little Reiki hands on your tired head and body, and you sink into a deep place of meditation. Or is that sleep?? As Reiki only ever gives you what you need (regardless of what you THINK you need – or want) for some people it is indeed a relaxing, refreshing sleep, and for others it is a waking, enlivening experience.

And then cake. Or biscuits, or fruit, or ice-cream, or raspberries, or, or…

And a feeling of real love and care and deep connection.


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