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Reiki One – for heart-mind, body and soul, 23-26 November

It’s nearly time for another group of people to begin walking a most wonderful new path on their life journey – the path that will take them to the deepest part of themselves where they can find refreshment, renewal and profound healing. This is the path of Reiki.

I stand humbled and grateful to be in the company of those who open themselves to the kind of life change that so many years ago I would not have believed possible: to be able to place my hands on myself and ease discomfort and sickness in my body; to heal the hurts of a lifetime in my heart; to work with all the unhelpful patterns in my thoughts; to experience the peace which waits for me in the deepest well of my being. This is Reiki in action.

More than ever before we need that in our lives which can help us move forward in this wildly changing world with hope and confidence, so roll up and let’s engage in change where we know it can make the difference – in ourselves. When I invite Reiki to create change in me, I create change in the world. More than ever before, let’s say YES!Reiki - a light in the dark

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