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Inspirational Unsticker of Stuckness

Counselling – but ‘not as we know it, Jim’


Everyone needs a skilled and non-judgmental ear from time to time (including counsellors and coaches) and I have some sneakily unconventional ways of working which help to tease the tangles out of relevant issues. Sometimes a one-off appointment is all that is needed, sometimes a series of sessions for gentle and sustained progress. Supervision sessions are also offered for working counsellors and therapists.


Here are the quals

Dip. Counselling and CQSW, Croydon College, training 1986-1990

Here’s the experience

I’ve had a private counselling practice for some 20 years. Also, I ran groups for bereaved adults at Croydon General Hospital and worked with people living with terminal illness. I was a day-centre worker for MIND, counselling people experiencing depression and anxiety disorders, co-leading groups for users quitting tranquillisers, and working with people facing dementia and Alzheimer’s. I also worked for a half-way house which was home to adults moving from secure units into the community. My private practice down the years has become infused with some unusual ways of approaching health and wellness, including the use of spiritually-based models of personality and methods of deep enquiry, including The Enneagram.

How to book an appointment

Email me with your telephone number via the Contact page and we’ll make an appointment to suit.