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‘Brain Pickings’ – Healing the Heart of Democracy

‘Brain Pickings’ is a beautiful online offering which addresses every aspect of the human heart-mind, and now, as you can see, even politics falls within its remit. If you feel moved to subscribe please find Brain Pickings online for nourishment and encouragement!


“America, if eligible at all to downfall and ruin, is eligible […]

Reiki One – for heart-mind, body and soul, 23-26 November

It’s nearly time for another group of people to begin walking a most wonderful new path on their life journey – the path that will take them to the deepest part of themselves where they can find refreshment, renewal and profound healing. This is the path of Reiki.

I stand humbled and grateful to be […]

The space between stories

The Times They Are A-Changin’ sang Bob Dylan back in the Sixties. Indeed. In another time – in this very time – another man writes eloquently about change on a grand scale in the big world theatre. With appreciation, here is Charles Eisenstein:

“The old world falls apart, but the new has not emerged. Everything […]

Nights drawing in and drawing out – nights of Reiki at the First Degree

Unbelievably, it has been five months since I was enjoying the wind heralding the beginning of Autumn; now the wind is chasing crispy leaves across the dark earth, clattering branches one against another like skeletons amongst the empty trees, and I am drinking tea while the light gives way to a wild darkness. Already the […]

First Degree Reiki – a beautiful beginning for Autumn

What a beautiful way to begin the Autumn, whilst the days are still warm and the evenings cool, the nights drawing in and the bird-song drifting away into the stillness – we sit and hear a story from long ago; about how an old Japanese man went on a personal quest in hopes of bringing […]

The Son and the Stars

Tomorrow my only child is due to have her first baby, a boy.

I’ve been helping her and my son in law to decorate the nursery (and every other last thing they could think of to chuck paint at) making things for their new freezer, shopping for bits and bobs, and now I’m back at […]

We’ll walk the road together

Kate Rusby sings this message from me more beautifully than I can express.

Love and blessings to everyone on this glorious sunny, crisp Autumn day.


Days of beauty and wonder

Sitting in warm Mediterranean sunshine, I eat a late lunch surrounded by carpets of leaves, red and gilded in the light. Squirrels play Kiss Chase and birds dart for berries whilst I contemplate the serenity of the day, the Reiki treatment I’ve just given, and the gratitude I feel ‘for every living thing’.

When the time comes

Someone asked, “What would you want to help you make a good death?”

“The church bells sounding with the blackbirds’ evensong, and my daughter’s voice.”

It was a beautiful question and my answer was there, even before my next breath. There it is – the instinctual priorities pop out before you can say ‘natural burial […]

I’m a Road Runner, Baby….

Reiki at Kenyon Ranch, Tubac, Tucson, Arizona

I could never express in any succinct form the wild beauty of this place. Dry, yes, but also green, the land grows tender shoots, cultivated carefully by the gardeners at the Ranch. They have even made a rose garden! The mountains are redolent of the Wild West, and […]