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Reiki for breakfast

And what a breakfast it was!

Of course, I’m talking about the wonderful 4Networking Group, which met at The Cottage Inn, Kenilworth this morning. 33 people gathered, bubbling about their businesses whilst munching on their croissants and sausages, and then the three mini-meets – or one-to-ones as they are called, when people pair up to […]

Rockpool – in the open air at Avon Dassett

The Avon Bar & Restaurant at Avon Dassett, CV47 2AS from 4-5.30 on Saturday 11th June. It’s an outdoor event and it’s going to be great!

Autumn thoughts

Already the leaves are beginning to curl and fall.

Autumn days of drifting leaves, spiralling with sweet-smelling bonfire smoke into still night skies littered with stars – all too soon these will dissolve into dense November mists as if the Earth must shroud herself against the coming chill of winter winds; the power of those […]

Here and there

Spent a day with my Reiki master in her cosy cottage on a North Welsh mountainside, then on to the home of a beloved student in Pembrokeshire. Deep talk, laughter, Reiki, good food (and ok, there was a BIT of chocolate) and some very pleasant ginger wine – these were a few of the highlights.


More, More, More Reiki!

I’m delighted to be offering a Second Degree Reiki class at my home in Warwick over the weekend of 4th and 5th September This will be a small class, but if you’d like to review just give me a call.

First Degree Reiki in Birmingham

I’m very excited to be taking my first class in Harborne, Birmingham from 26-29 August – Just me a call if you’d like details.

First Degree Reiki in Suffolk

Another opportunity to spend time with my dear colleague, Gordon Melvin, who is hosting this class for me at his home in Ipswich. The class begins on Thursday 5th August and concludes on Sunday the 8th. If you’d like details, just give me a call, details on my Contact page.

A life without change

“A life without change is not a life; it is a stagnant pool. To change your mind frivolously is a cop-out. To change your mind under the direction of the wisdom of the heart is a brush stroke on the masterpiece you are delivering to the world.” Alan Cohen

A Face Book friend posted this […]

Reiki wins the day

And thanks to Reiki, that sticky nose and dry throat vanished, the adrenaline surged and I had a happy, high octane gig with my wonderful band mates at The Great Western, supported by friends and family and a wonderful woman who proved to be the dancing queen of Warwick. Thanks and blessings to all who […]


Been contemplating god-ness very deeply for four days in the heart of Snowdonia on silent retreat. I was amazed at how easy it was to be silent – and oh, the relief! How beautiful to be with a group of people, some of whom are old and dear friends, and some whom I know less […]