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Reiki One – for heart-mind, body and soul, 23-26 November

It’s nearly time for another group of people to begin walking a most wonderful new path on their life journey – the path that will take them to the deepest part of themselves where they can find refreshment, renewal and profound healing. This is the path of Reiki.

I stand humbled and grateful to be […]

Nights drawing in and drawing out – nights of Reiki at the First Degree

Unbelievably, it has been five months since I was enjoying the wind heralding the beginning of Autumn; now the wind is chasing crispy leaves across the dark earth, clattering branches one against another like skeletons amongst the empty trees, and I am drinking tea while the light gives way to a wild darkness. Already the […]

First Degree Reiki – a beautiful beginning for Autumn

What a beautiful way to begin the Autumn, whilst the days are still warm and the evenings cool, the nights drawing in and the bird-song drifting away into the stillness – we sit and hear a story from long ago; about how an old Japanese man went on a personal quest in hopes of bringing […]

Reiki at First Degree in Warwick

Here’s the first Reiki window of opportunity – check it out on that left-hand sidebar!

Windows of Possibility – open one and fly!

Each Reiki Share organised arises from the one preceding it, but planning the formal Reiki classes for the coming year is a lovely thing – the setting into life’s structure 4 happy windows of Reiki delight.

The sun comes in, lighting my life as a Master in the system I teach and practice, and lighting […]

First Degree Reiki, class a-coming soon!

I just love how, when the moment is perfect, a Reiki class suddenly ‘happens’, coalescing into a happy bubble enfolding the four days that will become one of the most important beginnings for that particular little group. October is going to be a VERY special month.

Reiki classes – in the old fashioned way

I’ve been so lucky in my Reiki teaching life: I’ve always had the best organisers on the planet. And now, alongside of Bev, Dee, Sonia, Chris and Gordon, stands the amazing Nicky, who is giving her love, care and energy to our next class at her home in Barford.

I’m offering a talk before the […]

Reiki talk and another fab First Degree Class in Barford!

Reiki Talk followed by First Degree class, 1-4 March, Barford. Contact Nicky on 07760 452 909.


So many Reiki people…

…and all of them coming to a wonderful Enneagram class over the weekend of 9-11 September! The splendid Gordon Melvin is taking the class, and as one of my embryo books is concerned with the Enneagram I shall be there with ears and eyes wide open. A really interesting connection seems to have developed between […]

“Such fun!”

Network breakfast, new songs, Reiki treatment, proof-reading, Forever Living business presentation, and farewell to the dearest of dear friends – all in one day!

Must surely be time for a bowl of late night Shreddies and some mindless television…

Or perhaps a lie down and a little cry?