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Can it be?

Can it really be FOUR MONTHS since I was looking at the snowdrops from a chilly window and dreaming of Spring?

And now summer is upon us, filled with sunshine and sultry jasmine perfume; the leaves of the Acers nod, twitching in the warm breeze like rabbits’ ears, veined, the sun filtering through their delicate structures; the rose buds are pinking up, the electric Johnson’s Blues are cascading over the borders, and –┬áit’s time to go.

It’s time to trawl the web, make the calls, tramp around the flats, houses, cottages. Does it have a garden? Will there be a fire? A space for the family to camp out when they come? Room for that Reiki table? Is it light and airy? Is it close to the station? Will there be somewhere to park? And last but not least – what’s the rent?? Phew! Well, it will be what it will be, an exciting new adventure and another opportunity to begin afresh.

Yes, it can and shall be.


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