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Arizona, Here I Come!

I know, it’s California in the song, but I reckon Arizona is only some miles (!) further down on the left-ish, and the excitement that accompanies the original song is beginning to burst through into my daily thoughts.

Apart from the fact that it’s 85 degrees and counting in the desert sunshine – which has got to be something to be excited about after such a wet winter here – the stars will be bursting through unlit, black night skies, there will be silence but for eagle cries and desert sounds and – singing!

I will be with a wonderful community of Reiki masters from all over the world, and apart from the joy and beauty of practicing Reiki every day, sitting in circle with Phyllis Lei Furumoto who is the Lineage Bearer of our form and an extraordinary man called Ben Haggard, who will be helping us to ‘think’ deeply outside of our every day thought boxes, there will undoubtedly be singing. And maybe dancing.

So, imagine me sitting and playing with people from all walks of life, from all countries with beautifully different cultures and languages, living and working with our common language – Reiki – and wonder, as I do, what I will be bringing home to share with my family, friends and community. I know it will be something big yet gentle. And whatever ‘it’ is, I so look forward to sharing it. As David Essex used to say (he did, really) “See you on the other side!”


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