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About Sally

When I began to think about how to write this page I thought, there’s too much and I don’t know how to start! Then I thought, well – lucky me to have enjoyed so full a life, and I have to say I wonder at it still, growing and changing with the years.

Back in the day: I trained at the Central School of Drama but was interrupted by a singing career when signed to the Moody Blues’ record label, Threshold Records. Then came family life and the raising of a beautiful daughter. During those years I still played with a touring fringe company from time to time and I also learned some new skills, studying social work and psychodynamic counselling. After this I practised bereavement and grief therapy part-time, working in hospitals and in the mental health sector.

This last led me into a deep enquiry about ‘mind’. I was fascinated by CJ Jung’s work, particularly as in his latter years he had become deeply interested in spiritual matters, which he wrote about prolifically. Connection to Jung’s work suddenly had me burning to explore those parts of my own being that Heineken hadn’t reached! So, in my mid-thirties I began to study with one of the mystery schools.

Moving north to Yorkshire, I taught classes in order to keep myself feeling connected to this mystery stream and to continue my own learning, simply sharing what I knew in the way I’d been taught. As time passed I began to offer counselling incorporating knowledge from those studies, and using techniques which burrow beneath our all-consuming mental and emotional states, revealing to us the true nature of our distress.

Then in 1994 Reiki came into my life and gently showed me another way to ease pain of all kinds – a path of equilibrium and peace – a way of being that heals without brain/mind awareness, and my life deepened and stretched out yet again. I can’t believe how quickly those 21 years of practice have sped past and that I’m now in my 18th year of teaching!

In 2004, through Reiki connections, I began training with the Rev. Gordon Melvin in a model of personality and spirituality called The Enneagram, and I continue this study because I see how deeply it informs and illuminates all my personal interactions and one-to-one therapeutic work.

Finally, the icing on my cake has to be the day I moved to Warwickshire to join a band, so that after half a life-time I was singing again and living it up as a Blues queen!

So there you have it. I sing from time to time, I practise and teach Reiki, and I work deeply with people who are standing at a crossroads hearing a call for change. I’m filled with gratitude for a life so rich in loving family and friends; in Reiki, study, music and dance. And cake. In fact you could say, I’ve never felt less like singin’ the Blues!