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First Degree Reiki – a beautiful beginning for Autumn

What a beautiful way to begin the Autumn, whilst the days are still warm and the evenings cool, the nights drawing in and the bird-song drifting away into the stillness – we sit and hear a story from long ago; about how an old Japanese man went on a personal quest in hopes of bringing natural healing back into the world. The story of Reiki is told around the world in differing forms, yet the result is the same for those of us who, having listened to this story, hear a call ourselves to bring healing into our own lives and the lives of others: we finish our story-telling and our time together with Reiki in our hands, and with wonder in our hearts.

This coming week I will be working with people who have committed themselves to a lifetime of healing adventures! If this is something you’ve been thinking about yourself, then be free to come along on the first evening of the class, to drink tea and hear the wonderful history of this healing art. And who knows? You may decide to stay on and learn Reiki for yourself, or maybe have a Reiki treatment in order to feel the truth behind the story! Whether or no, you will be welcomed with warm hearts – and hot hands! Drop me an email if you’d like to know more but, in the meantime, I’m going to pour my tea and watch those nearly-autumn breezes rustle in the trees…

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